When should you moisturise your skin?

Moisturising seems like a simple concept, right? You find the right one for your skin, apply it, and you’re done! …Well not quite, as there's a lot more to it than that.

Creating a customised skin care regimen is pretty straightforward once you understand the logic behind product layering. Each product you use builds on the last – and they all work together as a system to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Moisturizer will always be the last step in your skin care routine.

Here are the basic steps of a complete skin care regimen:

  1. Double cleanse for ultra clean skin Even the best skin care products can't do their job if there is excess oil, make-up or debris on your skin View our Cleansers >

  2. Brighten your skin with exfoliation Regular exfoliation removes dead, dull skin cells, clearing the way for those targeted treatments View our Exfoliators >

  3. Tone for added hydration Hydrating toners help optimize the performance of targeted treatments and moisturisers. View our Toners >

  4. Treat current skin conditions Apply your targeted treatment products like serums, masques and boosters View our Targeted Treatments >

  5. Add moisturisers Applying your moisturiser last will rehydrate the sin and lock in the results from the other products View our Moisturisers >


If you need help choosing the right moisturiser (or cleanser, exfoliant, toner or treatment) then complete our Consultation Form and our professional skin therapists will advise you on the best products for you to help you get your healthiest skin ever

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