The Moisturiser that works harder for your skin

Skin Smoothing Cream has long been our bestselling moisturizer -- but with ever-increasing environmental triggers and even busier lifestyles, moisturizers these days need to do more than just replace lost hydration.

That's why Dermalogocia have now developed a newly-formulated Skin Smoothing Cream using state-of-the-art Active Hydramesh Technology to help reduce Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, shield skin's natural microbiome from environmental stress and infuse skin with 48 hours of continuous hydration.

Skin Smoothing Cream with Active HydraMesh Technology | Dermalogica | sold by Love Products

Skin Smoothing Cream

Our price: £48.45 (100ml)

  • Provides 48 hours of continuous hydration

  • Powered by Active HydraMesh Technology™

  • Protects against environmental stress

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Watch this video from Dermalogica to find out the science behind Active HydraMesh Technology™ and how it works

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