Who are Love Products?

We are two Dermalogica Skin professionals dedicated to skin health. We have been trained to the highest standard, not only in beauty therapy, but by the International Dermal institute and we believe with our knowledge and our experience we can help you with any skin care problem you may have.

You goal is now our goal.

We have spent years in the treatment rooms, working with skin care brands in particular Dermalogica achieving incredible, long lasting results for our clients skin. 

The key to perfect skin comes from a number of factors which we can help you understand and advise you on but the core concept also comes from what we use on our skin at home twice a day. If we get this right we are more than half way there. 

We believe that every single person should be entitled to great skin, we believe that every person has the potential to unlock the best version of themselves and having great skin helps!

So we are here at Love Products to help you understand why your skin is doing the things you don't want it to!  What we need to tackle first! And guide you with how we will maintain your glowing results!

Trust us we are the skin professionals.

Why choose us?

Not everyone has time or money for facials, that we understand, which is why we want to offer everyone the chance to create their own facial at home, everyday, with the correct products for their skin and with advice that is personal for you. 


We intend to build a relationship with you that will last for years, working with your throughout the seasons, throughout lifestyle changes and throughout months and years of your skin ever changing. 

We will help you every step of way. 

We know what works and we have combined over 20 years of experience helping clients.


On average a client will have up to 5 concerns with their skin. This is completely normal and we are convinced we can tackle them all, one step at a time.


Advice as to which products to try, what to avoid and advise on skincare routine and lifestyle changes are what we do best. 


So ask us! We are delighted to help.


What makes us different?


We care.. a lot!

We are committed and feel passionate about getting you results, your skin expert therapists are here ready and waiting and if you know what you like then great, but we would like to ensure that the products you are applying are the best ones for your skin, so, if you have 5 minutes do complete our therapist skin sheet to help us advise you and we will come back to you with the ideal products just for you.

Plus we will sample you the correct products every time.

So don't delay .... ask us today and we will change your skin for the rest of your life. 

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